Voyageurs français: les stéréotypes ancrés dans l’imaginaire collectif mènent à des contrôles de police abusifs bien réels

16 mai 2018 - A l’occasion de la Journée de l’insurrection gitane, Nara Ritz dénonce les contrôles au faciès et violences policières subis par les voyageurs et un cadre législatif et politique lui-même violent.

EU Roma Week: an opportunity to focus on tackling antigypsyism in Europe

20 April 2018 - Stepping up efforts to tackle antigypsyism – the specific form of racism faced by Roma, Sinti and Travellers – in the EU is crucial to ensure that Roma can finally become equal citizens in European societies.

Not seeing the forest for the trees: it is time to call and combat Antisemitism for what it is

19 December 2017 - In light of recent antisemitic incidents during protests in Germany and other European countries, Anne Aulinger shares her views on why everyone should care.

Cultural appropriation of Saami in Northern Europe: “Make as much noise as you can”

24 November 2017 - Petra Laiti, the chairperson of the Finnish Sámi Youth Organisation, is one of many Saami that does not shy away from pointing out how inappropriate and demeaning cultural appropriation is.

Never again? On contemporary Antisemitism in Europe

9 November 2017 - Despite ‘never again’ promises after the Holocaust, Antisemitism is clearly not a thing of the past. Harmful stereotypes and myths about Jewish people are increasingly materialising into deadly attacks, physical violence, hate speech, attacks against property, and the desecration of places of worship and cemeteries.

Everyday racism and hate crime: the new normal after the German federal election?

11 October 2017 - The rise of the far-right "Alternative for Germany" following the German federal election will impact those who already experience racism on a daily basis.

Action Day Against Antisemitism – Countering antisemitic hate speech online

9 November 2016 - 9 November is the commemmoration day of ’Kristallnacht’, a pogrom against Jews throuhout Nazi Germany in 1938. Antisemitism is still very much present in Europe today, and online antisemitic hate speech is exploding. What can be done to counter this worrying trend?

Burkini: How a swimsuit has brought the rule of law to sink on French beaches

2 September 2016 - France has been in the spotlight this summer, starting with a number of mayors banning burkinis from beaches in their towns and escalating into women simply wearing a headscarf on the beach being forced to undress by policemen or be fined. All this in the name of a certain vision of secularism, women’s rights and the fight against terrorism.

French youth in a united France can stop ISIS

11 May 2016 - There must be a new, innovative and effective way of dealing with home grown terrorism in France, which relies on an available pool of recruits. The truth is that the French government needs to win the war for the minds and hearts of those susceptible to the spiritually and morally bankrupt, hate filled vitriol of the terrorists. Their leaders are adept at exploiting the misguided and vulnerable, ultimately stripping them of any vestiges of humanity and transforming them into mindless zombies.

Who is responsible for tackling online incitement to racist violence?

31 March 2016 - When we talk about online hate speech, a number of complex questions emerge on how the victims and the organisations that support them can or should react, what is the role of IT and social media companies and how laws can best be enforced.

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