Action Day Against Antisemitism – Countering antisemitic hate speech online

9 November 2016 - 9 November is the commemmoration day of ’Kristallnacht’, a pogrom against Jews throuhout Nazi Germany in 1938. Antisemitism is still very much present in Europe today, and online antisemitic hate speech is exploding. What can be done to counter this worrying trend?

Burkini: How a swimsuit has brought the rule of law to sink on French beaches

2 September 2016 - France has been in the spotlight this summer, starting with a number of mayors banning burkinis from beaches in their towns and escalating into women simply wearing a headscarf on the beach being forced to undress by policemen or be fined. All this in the name of a certain vision of secularism, women’s rights and the fight against terrorism.

French youth in a united France can stop ISIS

11 May 2016 - There must be a new, innovative and effective way of dealing with home grown terrorism in France, which relies on an available pool of recruits. The truth is that the French government needs to win the war for the minds and hearts of those susceptible to the spiritually and morally bankrupt, hate filled vitriol of the terrorists. Their leaders are adept at exploiting the misguided and vulnerable, ultimately stripping them of any vestiges of humanity and transforming them into mindless zombies.

Who is responsible for tackling online incitement to racist violence?

31 March 2016 - When we talk about online hate speech, a number of complex questions emerge on how the victims and the organisations that support them can or should react, what is the role of IT and social media companies and how laws can best be enforced.

Countering violent extremism: we need political courage

17 March 2016 - How many more European victims will it take before decision makers will decide to tackle the root causes of violent extremism? What is the implicit threshold? 500? 1000 victims?

Muslim women, forgotten women?

8 March 2016 - Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day. There’s still a long way to go before we achieve real equality between women and men in Europe, but it’s even further away when it comes to Muslim women or those perceived as such.

New drive to fight Islamophobia at the EU level – NGO coalition against Islamophobia now asking concrete action

12 February 2016 - On 27 January a coalition of organisations working to fight Islamophobia met the new European Commission coordinator on combating anti-Muslim hatred, David Friggieri.

The reaction to the Cologne sexual assaults should be about tackling sexism and racism

26 January 2016 - The debate around the sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany, which should be about gender and sexism in our society, is being captured by racist and anti-refugee populists and turned into some sort of identity parade.

What is Holocaust commemoration for? Remembering Kristallnacht

9 November 2015 - We must avoid using Holocaust commemorations solely to consign Judeophobia to an eternal yesterday. We must recall the Holocaust in order to warn the world about similar and ongoing antisemitism in our world today.

UN reports on racism in Sweden and the Netherlands highlight the need to tackle Afrophobia across Europe

2 November 2015 - Concerns over the increasing ill-treatment and violence targeting asylum seekers and migrants in Europe have confirmed ENAR’s worse predictions on deeply-rooted and structural racism and xenophobia. The recent racist killings at a school in Sweden are the latest in a series of violent incidents targeting ethnic minorities. In this context, United Nations bodies have recently issued damning reports on racism in two Western European countries which usually praise themselves for their tolerance: the Netherlands and Sweden.

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